WI Report

Frenchay WI

Frenchay WI are thrilled to be able to continue with our meetings and to see so many of our members attending.

Our speaker in October was Steve Loader from the Seamen’s Mission who told us of the tough times the foreign sailors who come into Portbury and Avonmouth docks have endured – some of them not being able to leave their ships for 9 months nor seeing their families for even longer. Steve ensures the sailors have access to sim cards for their phones so they can be in contact with their families and he takes much needed stocks to them – chocolate being one of the favourites! Our members had been busy knitting hats and scarves for those sailors who are ill-equipped to endure our cold weather conditions and these were presented to Steve.

Our November meeting – on the 15th – will be our Annual Meeting, when the next committee will be elected. We also have WI Markets who come along to sell their wares - home-made cakes, jams, knitted and crocheted garments, etc.

On 20 December we will hold our Christmas meeting with dinner and entertainment. Unfortunately, we cannot receive new members this month as we will be catering for the number of members who have signed up at our November meeting. However, any new members are welcome to come along to any of our meetings in the new year at the Village Hall on the third Monday of the month starting at 7.30pm.

Our secretary is Chris Davies and she can be contacted by email at frenchaywi@gmail.com or by phone on 0117 9568123.