Downend HSBC to close

HSBC Bank, Downend

The recent announcement that the Downend branch of the HSBC bank is to close on the 25th of April has caused quite a stir in the community. HSBC was the the last of the major UK banks to have a branch in the Frenchay area. Its closure will be especially difficult for local businesses who often need in-person services more than domestic customers. They also find it more difficult to move their bank accounts due to complex customer and supplier connections. Another group that may find the closure difficult are customers who lack confidence with internet-banking services. The loss of the HSBC ATM leaves two alternatives on Downend High Street - fortunately better than many communities that have completely lost free access to cash.

Help is at hand for customers wanting to improve their familiarity with internet-banking and related computer skills. Avid readers of The Community News will have noted that Downend Library offers free training to help with such things.

The closure of the HSBC branch has become a campaigning topic for the upcoming local elections this May. The Conservatives are publcising a survey about the topic, while the Liberal Democrats have organised a petition. If readers wish to engage with either political party links are below. The Conservative website collects voting intention data for voter profilng in elections:

Stephen Bingham, frenchay•news

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