Don’t lose your vote!

Frenchay News

With local elections sheduled for May, this might be a good time to check that you are registered to vote.

If you have recently moved to the area you may need to register at your new address. You can register to vote here:

In addition, the Government has changed the rules about voting in person at a polling station – you will need a valid photo ID to vote in May. You can find out what are valid forms of Photo ID on this electoral commission webpage:

Alternatively, rather than worrying about whether you will have a valid ID it might be simpler to register to vote by post. You can apply for a postal vote here:

You can also check that you are registered to vote, and apply for a postal vote, by contacting South Gloucestershire Council Electoral Services via email or phone:; 01454 863030.

Stephen Bingham, frenchay•news

Image credit: Matt Brown