Report from Winterbourne Parish Council

Winterbourne Parish Council

We have continued to have online meetings with North Bristol Hospital Trust on the proposed handover of the Frenchay Parklands area’s and we are hoping that this will be completed in 2022.

The added 20 mph signs that we have been requesting from South Glos. Council should be fitted in February from the Village Hall towards the church on the common. Motorists need extra reminders of this with some excessive speeds many of us have seen. The work on the removal of the ‘build outs’ and implementation of new traffic calming measures have been delayed due to Covid but this should commence soon.

2 oak trees have been received as part of the Queen’s Jubilee Canopy and planted at Monk’s Pool in Winterbourne as many trees were felled in a storm in 2021. If you have not visited Monks Pool, it’s near the church and the Medieval Barn in Winterbourne, all of which are well worth a visit! Newleaze and Bradley Brook are other nature reserves that are peaceful and tranquil, for more details please look at the Winterbourne Parish Council website. The sport’s facilities building on the Recreation field in Winterbourne used for cricket and football requires updating and refurbishment so we will be looking to do this in the near future.

Paul Kembery, Chairman