Museum News – summer activities!

Frenchay Museum

Around 100 people (adults & children) visited the Museum’s stall on The Common as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations on Saturday 4th June and enjoyed the activities prepared by Carol Thorne and her team.

Copies of a new book on the Village School proved very popular and there was lots of interest in an old typewriter (pre-querty) and the ‘bagatelle’ game (no batteries required for either). The classic booklet on ‘A Grand tour of Frenchay’ was also popular with several groups of children who went off exploring the Village - all returning sometime later with triumphant tales of following a map, briefly getting lost and discovering new places along the way…

Perhaps the 70-year span of the Jubilee can be summarised by a 1950s bagatelle game and traditional patriotic music relayed via a 2020s mobile phone to the loud-speaker!

Look out for us at the Flower Show (Saturday 9th July) where there will be more activities and we will be happy to explain how you can get involved with the Museum in number of different ways.

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