Further ‘Tales from the Tennis Court’

Downend & Frenchay Tennis Club

I joined Downend and Frenchay tennis club 4 years ago when I moved to Bristol from North Devon. I didn’t know many people when I first arrived in the city so, having played tennis when I was younger, I decided to join a tennis club. I was a bit apprehensive as I wasn’t sure if the club would be as enjoyable as my previous one.

Hwever I didn’t need to be as when I arrived at the first club night everyone was very welcoming and easy going, sharing in a bit of banter at the occasional accidental winner or serve that hits the back fence. Once we have finished at club night we would often head to the local and have a chat over some drinks.

The club has some great league teams which I have been playing in since I joined. The standard of the league is great as you always get a competitive match and know you have to fight for every win. Even if you come away having lost you know you’ve had a good match and you can commiserate with the other teams at the bar on a Friday night. With the matches being so close it has helped me become a better player as well as working on my fitness; there really is nothing like running side to side on a tennis court chasing a ball.

I’m alwasy looking to improve my game and the Coaches, at the Club, are amazing and always happy to help. They have helped me work on my forehand to make it more powerful and consistent. Coaching groups for adults are very popular with lots of people booking on the adult coaching groups on Sunday and Monday nights. All abilities are catered for in total beginners, rusty rackets, improvers and advanced.

Outside of actually playing tennis they run some great social events, The end of year Christmas party is a highlight of mine as it brings the whole club together and everyone has a good time stuffing their face with food, dancing and was where I met my girlfriend. I have also been on a couple of skiing trips with some of the other members, which was great fun and led to some hilarious moments when we all inevitably wiped out at some point during the week.

Having made lots of friends and great memories at the tennis club I can easily say it’s the best decision I have made since moving to Bristol. (Written by Milo George member, and recently elected to the committee) For further information please visit our website: www.downendandfrenchay.co.uk