South Glos Council Report

South Gloucestershire Council

Please note that we have already reported the worn road markings at the M32 roundabout that we know many residents will use daily. As this roundabout forms part of the motorway network, permission and collaboration is required from Highways England in advance of any works. We hope these lines will be refreshed quickly.

South Gloucestershire Council has just launched an innovative new way for residents to report potholes and other issues on roads, footpaths and cycleways in Frenchay and the rest of South Gloucestershire.

The new online reporting system enables people to quickly and easily report potholes, damaged surfaces, worn road markings, empty grit bins and similar problems. A photograph and additional information can also be added to help the council identify the issue. Once a report has been made through the new system, issues are dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible, with up-to-date information sent directly through to the tablets of StreetCare operatives for investigation or, if serious, urgent resolution. The person making the report will receive an email notification once the issue has been logged and can then track its progress via their customer account.

Since 2019, South Gloucestershire Council has committed a record £174 million towards improving the local highways network. This includes investment into roads, footpaths and cycleways along with significant transport infrastructure to support public transport and sustainable forms of travel. The council has resurfaced over 23 kilometres of road since the start of 2022 and around 5,000 potholes were filled between 1 January and 31 May. Four teams of StreetCare operatives routinely use around six tonnes of materials to repair local roads every day. During busy times the council can increase the number of teams repairing potholes and at its peak has eight teams working hard.

You can report an issue by visiting (a pothole in the road needs to measure 300mm by 300mm and be 40mm deep to be considered in need of attention).

A4174 Noise Reduction Works

We are pleased to inform residents that noise reduction works will soon start on the land between A4174 ring road and Fenbrook Close. South Gloucestershire Council has reviewed the best way of achieving noise attenuation at this location and we wanted to provide some further details to local residents.

The original scheme envisaged the construction of a physical noise fence and evidence suggests this would reduce noise by up to 4.1dB. However, another common method of achieving a reduction in noise is to improve the variety and density of the vegetation. We understand, with careful selection of species, that increasing the density of vegetation will lead to a comparable reduction in noise and some studies have concluded dense areas of trees and shrubs can reduce sound levels by 5dB or more.

South Gloucestershire Council has decided to proceed with the option of increasing the variety and density of vegetation between the A4174 Ring Road and Fenbrook Close. We consider that this will help to reduce the noise and pollution experienced by residents of Fenbrook Close whilst also better aligning with South Gloucestershire Council’s declared climate emergency. The planting of more vegetation will help to protect an important nature corridor and promote greater biodiversity in this location.

If you would like any further details about this scheme then please let us know.

Cllr Ben Burton