Residents Association Report No. 95

Frenchay Residents Association

Dear Friends and Neighbours,

We write our Frenchay Residents Association (FRA) feature three weeks before distribution, so as we absorb the enormity of the loss of our Queen, it is a time to reflect upon how she has inspired and served us for all of our lives. We knew that this day would come, but there is no doubt that a massive part of our lives will be missing now as we come to terms with our loss.

Looking back upon the summer Platinum Jubilee celebrations, we feel that our event on the common for the whole community now serves as a fitting tribute to Her Majesty, such happy memories of coming together in her honour.

Looking forwards we should make every effort to behave and be committed to supporting each other as the Queen did for us all. Following her outstanding example should, in some small way, be our personal response in memory of this incredible lady.

Pond Life

At the moment we have two pond projects on the go, our latest one being the complete restoration of the pond in the Nature Reserve which has been facilitated by BAM in response to FRA’s desire to see this pond fully restored as the new school opens.

Nature reserve pond

So with licences granted by NHBT, who still own the land prior to handover to the Parish, the combined working group with lots of help from volunteers has this little gem flourishing once again.

Thank you to everyone concerned, we hope that it will give lots of pleasure to residents on their walks and become an integral part of the planned forest school.

Becks Pool will hopefully become the beneficiary of an independent power supply before the year is out which will enable us to install a proper aeration system to improve the water quality and support the abundant wildlife that is thriving since the pond, and its surroundings, were fully restored five years ago now.

Such a power supply could also facilitate events around the pond including festive lighting. Our plans include a stone plinth for a full information board giving details of the history of this pond and giving details of the wildlife that can be spotted whilst sat quietly on one of benches around the edge.

Crocus Bulbs

We are in the process of obtaining more bulbs for planting this autumn through the Rotary International polio eradication scheme and clean water international charities. This should present additional opportunities for adults and children alike to join us for some mass planting sessions in key locations.


The skill is burying them deep enough to disguise their location from hungry squirrels, something we seemed to have achieved quite successfully last year in the voluntary village green areas around CLIC Cottage.

Village Hall Maintenance

Many thanks to Dave Summerhill and the New Life Church team who spent most of a weekend working very hard to undertake the following;

  • Removal of tree damaging the drains.
  • Staining of fences around rear garden and front gates.
  • Bark mulching of rear garden and removal of rotten borders.
  • Tidying of flower borders and removal of plants that have died during the drought.
  • Pointing of rear valley gutter.
  • Clearing all the junk and debris from the boiler cupboard and other cup board upstairs.

Working together in this way brings so many benefits to our village facilities, thank you.

Help Needed Please

We have a local resident in need of a recommendation for some home support care for an elderly parent. So if you have experience of a suitably reliable and qualified home help please contact FRA with the details. Thank you.

Thank you all for your engagement and continuing support.

Adrian Collins (Chair - FRA)