Advice and Support for coping with Cold Weather

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If you are concerned that an individual has hypothermia call 999.

If you are concerned that someone is not coping with the cold contact the South Gloucestershire Council Social Care First Service on 01454 868007.

Keeping Warm

In addition to dressing warmly, eating hot food and taking warm drinks regulary, the official government advice is to heat homes to at least 18°C in winter to pose minimal risk to health when wearing suitable clothing. Keeping active is also important. Further details and suggestions can be found elsewhere:

There are various grants available that can help with energy bills or getting home insulation installed. Warm and Well – – administer grants on behalf of the Council. Individuals or their families can call the helpline to find out what is available 0800 500 3076. They can also advise on ways to keep homes warm and bills down, such as closing curtains and tucking them behind the radiators (but not other heaters as this may pose a fire risk).

Community Warm Spaces

If someone is struggling to heat their home, all libraries in South Gloucestershire provide a warm and friendly place to stay for as long as you like within our opening times. Many have coffee and tea-making facilities during our staffed hours. All the libraries are open 7 days a week with additional unstaffed hours provided by their Open Access scheme.

In addition, South Gloucestershire Council are supporting a network of community welcome spaces. These warm spaces offer a friendly welcome and are free to use, some offer hot drinks and activities. Search for one on this page –

Help with Household Bills

For help with other household costs there are a number of funds and grants available, including the household support fund. Details can be found on the South Gloucestershire Council financial support for residents page –

Addition information, and more help with keeping warm, is available on the Council’s Help with the rising cost of living page – If the individual needs help to access some of the practical support available or wants to discuss their situation for some immediate help they can call the Council’s One Stop Shops.

Please support others to access these resourses if they are unable to do so themselves.

The information in this item was mostly provided to us by South Gloucestershire Council through its ‘Department for People’ (Tel: 01454 868280).

Stephen Bingham, frenchay•news