About Just Run Frenchay

Just Run Women's Running Club

If you are a regular reader of our Just Run articles, you’ll know we are a local ladies running community. We bring women of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels together in a social, fun environment and help them reap the benefits of increasing physical activity through jogging, walking, and running. For more info contact info@justrun.uk

We like new members to try a taster session before committing to paying an annual membership fee of £30. Our members then pay £2 for each session they attend. This covers our overheads such as insurance. When they join our members receive a branded Just Run T-shirt. We’ve recently changed our club T-shirt to be sustainable and made from recycled plastic water bottles.

Jess, our founder, and her family, feel passionate about the environment and impact on it. Something she found hard to find was functional, hard-wearing sports clothing that fitted environmental and ethical values. She also wanted to supply sustainably sourced, recycled products for Just Run members. This led on to deciding to create a brand that embodied everything her family believed and strived for. They had very little experience in the industry and had to learn most things from scratch. They have recently launched OSO selling sustainable sportswear. You can find out more about OSO at https://oso.world/

Why OSO? This translates from the Spanish word for bear. Emblematic of strength, spirit, fearlessness, and intelligence. An animal that is completely at one with nature and looks after their own community. Bears are often playful and social animals, often forming friendships with others. This resonates with our values at Just Run. Why don’t you come along and see if this club is for you to socialize and be active in a safe environment.