Esmé’s Article: ‘A Quick Snack’

Esmé’s Article

Unlike myself, I hope that you eat proper meals! Hopefully my family will join me for lunch at the end of April, for my first restaurant visit for several years! I have booked a French restaurant in Clifton Village, and my son and his ‘clan’ are coming down from York and Manchester, whilst my daughter and her family are coming from quite a distance too!

This has led me to think about French food.

Perhaps you have heard of a ‘Croque Monsieur’ ? It is basically a cheese and ham muffin. And what is the difference between that and a ‘Croque Madame’ ?

The female version has an egg on top! It is called ‘Madame’ because someone thought that the egg looked like a hat!

But if you are thinking that it is only like a cheese and ham roll, there is a big difference. It is the cheese SAUCE!

In many French restaurants, they add a green salad and chips, which makes it more of a meal than a snack.

Whatever food you enjoy, I wish you very happy Spring-time eating!


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